Frequently Asked Questions

What immunizations do you provide?
We provide all immunizations needed for travel to any part of the world, including Yellow Fever.
See our complete list of immunizations here.

Why Should I visit Travel Health Services?
Preparing for an international trip can be tedious. Let the professionals at Travel Health Services take the worry out of complex decisions such as:

  • What immunizations do I need?
  • Is the water safe to drink?
  • Should I worry about Yellow Fever?
  • Are there parasites in the lakes or rivers?

Travel Health Services provides all the vaccines, education and documentation you need for international travel.

How soon should I schedule my appointment?
Start planning now. The World Health Organization advises travelers to consult a travel medicine expert at least 4-6 weeks before departure. It will take time for vaccines to become effective.

For last minute travelers — it’s never too late to visit your Travel Medicine specialists. Some vaccines can be administered on an accelerated schedule to provide rapid immunity, and vaccinations given within a few days of departure may offer you some protection.

Appropriate vaccines, medications and travel tips can help safeguard you against illness and injury while traveling abroad.

What should I expect at my appointment with Travel Health Services?
Learn more on our appointments page

How do I prepare for my appointment with Travel Health Services?
Learn more on our appointments page

What is the difference between recommended and required vaccinations?
Travel related vaccines fall into 2 categories: 

  • Vaccines Recommended to protect your health when traveling to parts of the world where both sanitation and health care are not optimal. This includes the majority of travel vaccines.
  • Required Vaccines are those required by a country for entry in order to protect the health of their citizens from travelers who may import the disease. The most common required vaccine is Yellow Fever, and occasionally meningitis or polio. Required vaccines are documented on the Yellow Card from the World Health Organization.

What if I’m traveling with a child?
Infants and children may be at risk for many of the same diseases that affect adults. We provide travel immunizations for infants and children. Every child under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Routine childhood vaccines should be received at your Pediatrician’s office.

Can I receive immunizations if I am not traveling?
Yes. Travel Health Services provides routine immunizations that your doctor’s office may not provide. See our complete list of immunizations here.

What payment method is best at THS?
You will need to bring credit card, debit or HSA card or cash. All immunizations must be pre-paid. We do not bill your insurance, since most insurance does not cover travel immunizations. However, you will be provided with a receipt for services, with all the necessary billing codes, so you may submit it to your insurance if you choose to do so.

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