Why Do I need

A Travel Health Consultation?

International travel can be challenging if you are not prepared. Travel to any underdeveloped country is full of risks for exotic and not-so-exotic diseases. Travel without preparation is risking your health.

We will help you answer the following questions:

Am I properly immunized?
Immunizations are one of the greatest life-saving developments of modern times. We will discuss which immunizations are recommended for your unique trip and circumstances. You may or may not need all the immunizations recommended by the Center for Disease Control.

Do I need prescription medication for my trip?
Mosquitoes/malaria kill more people each year than any other disease. We will examine your itinerary for malaria risk and provide a prescription for the best medication to prevent malaria. Are you traveling above 9,000 feet? You may need prescription medication to prevent altitude sickness. Are you at risk for contracting traveler’s diarrhea from food or drink? A prescription medication will significantly shorten the duration of the symptoms.

How do I prevent environmental health risks?
Can I drink the water? Eat a salad? Are there parasites in the lakes? Are there diseases spread by other insects? Are rabid dogs or bats a problem? We will review environmental risks related to your trip and arm you with information so you can avoid them.

Are there special safety/security concerns?
We will provide you with the latest information from the State Department regarding the risk of crime, petty theft, and terrorist activity to help you travel safely.

Should I purchase medical and evacuation insurance for my journey?
Often, your health insurance will not cover you when you leave this country. Health care in some countries is very limited, even for basic medication and treatment. You will receive information about medical and evacuation insurance to safeguard your health. Visit our Health and Safety Websites page to learn more.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Travel Health Services

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